Roon-ology: Hardware Basics

Roon, the music player software (think iTunes but 1 million-times better), is more than a beautiful interface to your music. It is an ecosystem that relies on hardware, software, and a network. As such, there are some things you need to understand about Roon’s hardware […]

Road Tours

What’s a Road Tour?

 (a pair of Don Garber of Fi’s listening chairs) I penned my first Road Tour for 6moons back in 2005. Here’s the opening paragraph from that first Tour where I explain my reasoning for hitting the road:

Road Tours

Road Tour: Fi

Did you ever wonder what the inside of a Fi looks like? Between the sheets, so to speak? I’m not talking about capacitor types and signal path lengths, I’m talking about seeing past the parts into the heart and soul of the beast to have […]