Monday, 22 Oct 2018

System Review: PS Audio Sprout100 + ELAC Debut 2.0

It’s no exaggeration to say that I’ve been thinking about writing a system review for years. It’s also the case that I’ve wanted to review this particular system for years as well. On one hand, every component review is a system review, on the other hand reviews are rarely presented as such. This is all well and good as long

Review: Ayre EX-8 Integrated Hub

Last year, I reviewed and compared six streaming integrated amplifiers as Editor of AudioStream. I find value in these types of comparisons both as a doer and as a reader because comparative listening to like-components allows us to readily hear the sonic flavors baked into each one. From there, we can decide which matches our preferred sonic pallet and coupled

Micromega M.A.R.S. Room EQ

I know some people poo poo on DSP and I get it for analog purists. But within the realm of digital, poo poo’ing on DSP is like refusing to use post-processing on your digital pics. The Micromega M-One offers the optional M.A.R.S. (Micromega Acoustic Room System) Room EQ system and to my mind if you’re going to get an M-One,

Progress Report: Ayre EX-8

Do you like simple? I like simple. Let’s make a system hardware checklist: Ayre EX-8, DeVore Fidelity gibbon X, sonic Transporter i5 (Roon Core), NAS (music storage), iPad remote (Roon), and a router. Check.

System Review: The Barn (Mine)

I  like system reviews. What better inaugural system to review than my very own? I’ve taken great care, over many years, to end up with this exact mix. This system gives me pleasure every single day and I’m going to tell you why.

In Barn: Ayre EX-8 Integrated Hub

Ayre EX-8 Integrated Hub (starts at $5,990.00 /  $7,850.00 with optional network board). I like to call this type of component a Streaming Integrated Amplifier because it offers a Roon-Ready Ethernet input (and DAC)  so all you need to add is some music and a pair of speakers and you are off to the races. Between you & me, I