Monday, 22 Oct 2018

Irrational Exuberance and The Next Big Thing

If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have been as excited about DSD and MQA as I was when they first appeared. The thing is, in hifi we are always looking out for the Next Big Thing because the idea of something new that makes music sound better is exciting! The reality being rarely, if ever,

RMAF 2018: the Wrap

RMAF Show Director Marjorie Baumert Don’t tell anyone but the thing I most look forward to about hifi shows is people. When I woke up in Denver last Friday, the only thing I knew about my show coverage plan was I wanted to do something different. One aspect of that difference is I wanted to have fun.

RMAF 2018: Mo-Fi Does Manger

Everyone asks. Everyone asks, “So what did you hear…” I’ve covered those rooms that tickled my fancy but saved one I was most excited about for last. I was excited to hear the Manger speakers, now distributed in the US by Mo-Fi (Mobile Fidelity Electroics), because the few times I’ve heard them, only at the Munich High End Show, made

RMAF 2018: More Highlights

Eikon may be a new company but its founder, Gayle Sanders, has been around the hifi block more than most, having co-founded electrostatic loudspeaker legends Martin Logan. The active Eikon Image1 loudspeakers include the outboard Eikontrol box ($25,000/system) and the combo is loaded with digital brains (DSP) so that negative room interaction (present in every room) is minimized. Color me

RMAF 2018: Wavelength Audio

photo credit: Wavelength Audio What on Earth is an Ethernet Spacelator? I have some experience with the controversy that the notion of noise in mixed signal systems causes, especially among ‘network engineers’ whose experience stops short of analog. Regardless, there are people who cannot comprehend how noise can be an issue when dealing with digital (hint: we’re also dealing with

RMAF 2018: EgglestonWorks

Muscular. Sometimes, some certain brands brand a word in my brain and for EgglestonWorks that word is muscular. I’ve only heard their speakers at shows, but each time I do they reproduce music with all of its force and power in tact. Lute and bird whistle music need not apply.

RMAF 2018: Ayre and Vivid

Character can cause conflict. Vivid’s Lawrence Dickey allows function to inform form with an eye for the usual added for good measure. The Vivid KAYA 45 “is designed for everyday spaces, as well as dedicated listening rooms; to be part of the room, not necessarily its principal feature” and when paired with Ayre electronics, all thoughts of conflict slipped away

RMAF 2018: Joseph Audio

Jeff Joseph, Mr. Joseph Audio, always plays great sounding great music. While this year at RMAF 2018 was no different in that regard, this was a family affair extravaganza as Jeff played music he recorded of his son Ben’s jazz band. Ranging in age from 14 to 16 (I sure hope I got that right otherwise I’m in big trouble

RMAF 2018: Bel Canto

We’re looking at the new e.One Stream from Bel Canto ($1,590), a Roon-Ready, UPnP/DLNA controller that can stream from Tidal, Qobuz, Vtuner and network-attached music (up to 24/192).  Digital out include AES, Toslink, and S/PDIF while Ethernet and USB-A (for music storage devices) comprise the inputs. Single-ended RCAs deliver the music to your hifi.