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Twittering Machines is a hifi review site for people who are interested in more: more of the things that fill our lives with meaning.


We review every aspect of hifi from speakers to DACs to systems. We also provide relevant hifi news and hifi show coverage so we can keep you informed on the latest gear and trends.

Here at Twittering Machines (TM), we take the enjoyment to be found in listening to recorded music seriously, as seriously as we take any other passion.

Our motto:

The best hifi is the one that’s enjoyed most often

This means there’s no minimum price of admission (you don’t need to spend $xxxx.xx to own the best) and there are no experts who can dictate to everyone what they should, or need to, buy.

When you go to a museum or decide what furniture to buy or which cocktail to drink, your selection has to some extent been curated by the museum, store/designer, bar, etc. But, and this is an important but, you decide where to look at art, shop, and drink. And within these curated experiences, you are your ultimate guide.

Consider Twittering Machines a curator of hifi and its enjoyment.

While our focus is hifi,  talking about hifi in isolation can be rather dull. Let me explain…


Hifi does not exist in a vacuum (bada-boom). For starters, if there was no recorded music, there would be no need for hifi. This dependency, you could call it the music clause, is something we are not going to minimize or ignore at Twittering Machines. To be clear, music is not a tool to determine the value of a hifi, hifi is a tool used to discover the value of music.

Beyond HiFi

It ain’t just about how it sounds. The Art&Culture section of Twittering Machines is, among other things, an outlet for hifi industry people to talk about their passions beyond hifi.

While music is an important part of our lives—I say it is necessary and my proof is the fact that there has never been a culture in the history of man without it—our lives don’t end there. Not even the lives of the people who make music for a living or the people who make the machines we use to listen. Our other passions inform and are informed by our love of music (passions tend to stick together) and I find the links between our passions fascinating because that’s where meaning exists.


Welcome to Twittering Machines. I hope you enjoy the journey.

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