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The Barn, The Red Chair, and Michael Lavorgna’s HiFi

About TM

Twittering Machines is a hifi review site that covers more than HiFi.

Twittering Machines originally launched in 2007 as a place for friends to share music and was re-christened in 2018 with its current focus on HiFi, Music, Art & Culture. Our name is a tip of the hat (and a wink) to Paul Klee’s painting, Twittering Machine.

Michael Lavorgna

Michael Lavorgna is Twittering Machines’ founder and Editor. Michael has been writing about hifi since 2005 for various publications including 6moons, Stereophile, and Inner Audio, and he acted as Editor of Stereophile’s AudioStream from its inception in 2011 until 2018.

Michael is life-long visual artist who also spent nearly two decades working in Information Technology as a consultant and owner/CFO/COO of an IT Staffing and Integration firm.

Policies & Procedures

My work at Twittering Machines is supported in two ways: through the ads you see on the site and through Patreon. I also make a few nickels selling Merch (really good, really cool Merch!).

The reviews on Twittering Machines are self-explanatory. Review gear is chosen based on interest, ours and yours. If there’s something you’d like to see covered on TM, please send me an email.


I’d love to be able to offer measurements of the gear we review on TM, but it is simply not financially feasible.  I recommend referring to John Atkinson’s measurements on Stereophile as they are the industry standard. In my opinion.

Certainly Uncertain: When Measurement Results Don’t Match

Certainly Uncertain: When Measurement Results Don’t Match Part Two


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