Monday, 22 Oct 2018

Album of the Week: Lonnie Holley

So-called outsider art, or Art Brut, or naïve art, self-taught, etc, are terms used to describe artists who did not go to Yale’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. That’s a joke, sorta, but I always found these terms a bit cagey and to some extent simply labels put on things in order to sell them. Lonnie Holley, the 7th

Album of the Week: Marie Davidson

The music of French Canadian Marie Davidson was new to me when I caught the buzz buzzing around her new album, Working Class Woman released on Ninja Tune last October. Classified by some as INDUSTRIAL / WAVE / ELECTRO, I find humor mixed into the beats and enough drive and energy to run a small city.

Album of the Week: Cat Power

Chan Marshall is back after a 6-year hiatus with her new album Wanderer. If you’re Cat Power fan, I am, you’ll want to wander along with Wanderer‘s slow unadorned beauty. If you’re not a Cat Power fan, you may to re-think that position.

Album of the Week: Melting Hand

“Dust” is the opening track on Melting Hand’s new album Faces Of Earth and it lead me to hit the pre-order button on Bandcamp faster than you can say Can. A seven minute plus psych drone funk feakout, “Dust” is the perfect way to start your day, get those juices flowing, while you slip on your boogie shoes.

Album of the Week: Bitter Funeral Beer Band with Don Cherry

Don’t tell anyone, but I follow Don Cherry wherever he goes. I’m like the paparazzi of his records and there are so many great records bearing his name as leader and side man. Just take a look! Some of my favorites, beyond the obvious, are the lessor known works like his live Köln show from 1975 with Terry Riley (yea,

Album of the Week: Ipek Gorgun

Ecce homo, “behold the man”, are the words spoken by Pontius Pilate as he presented a bound and crowned Jesus Christ to the angry masses before the Crucifixion. It has been referenced throughout history by painters, writers, poets, and philosophers. I owned a copy of the work by Nietzsche, a first printing from 1908 with decorations by Henry van de

Album of the Week: Kan Wakan

Kan Wakan is Gueorgui Linev, a Bulgarian born, LA-based composer and producer. Phantasmagoria Vol. 1 is his new record, the first of a planed trilogy, featuring vocalist Elle Olsun, drummers Ian Chang (Son Lux) and Gene Coye (Flying Lotus), and the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra. All told, they mix up  a light-headed heady potion of  orchestral pop that’s easy to listen

Album of the Week: Schammasch

Have you danced with Ducasse? Done the Maldoror mambo? Lindy Hop’d with Lautréamont? Swiss avant-garde black metal band Schammasch are digging into Lautréamont’s Les Chants de Maldoror and The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite is the first release of a planned series.

Album of the Week: Ora Iso

Ora Iso, “can not” in Javanese dialect, is Indonesian-Australian, Kathleen Malay and New Yorker, Jason Kudo and Image Certifies is their 2nd full-length, released on Downwards in May of this year. The band describes the record as “A love letter to a society dying of its own self-induced cancers”. When asked specifically which cancers by The Quietus,  Malay responded, “Control

Album of the Week: Tirzah

Slow, sultry, and spare go a long way toward keeping my listening genes happy. Devotion is the debut album from Tirzah released on Domino earlier this month and it keeps my Soul-O-Meter pegged at a constant 11.