Axpona 2019: Hot Hardware

Following are a few thousand words on hardware from Axpona 2019 (if the old saying holds any water).

T+A M 40 HV Mono Power­ Amplifier Anniversary Edition

T+A M 40 HV Mono Power­ Amplifier Anniversary Edition (detail)

D’Agostino Momentum Phonostage Preamplifier

Einstein Audio Silver Bullet OTL Mono Blocks

darTZeel NHB-18NS Preamplifier

Audionet Stern Preamplifier

Fern & Roby Z10e Electrostatic Headphone Amp (that can also drive high-efficiency speakers) (Barn bound)

Gold Note IS-1000 Integrated Amplifier

Grandinote Shinai Amplifier

Hey! I know you! Leben CS-600 Integrated Amplifier

The Merging Technologies Digital Stack (from the top: MERGING+CLOCK, MERGING+NADAC, MERGING+POWER)

Ayon S-10 Network Player

Ayon Epsilon  Monoblock Amplifier

Rogue Audio M-180 Monoblock Amplifiers

VTL TP-6.5 Series II Signature Phono Preamplifier

WAVAC Audio Lab EC-300B Power Amplifier

VAC Signature 200 Monoblock Amplifiers

Auralic ARIES G1 Wireless Streaming Transporter

Gryphon Ethos CD Player

Jadis Model 845Nec Monoblock Amplifier

NAD M10 BluOS Streaming Amplifier

Parasound Halo JC 5 Stereo Power Amplifier

Vermeer Audio TWO Universal Control Center

Quad Artera Solus CD transport, DAC, pre-amplifier, and power amplifier

Quad VA One+ (the + is the new, improved version of the VA One I reviewed / loved)

Schiit Aegir Power Amplifiers

Nagra HDPREAMP (so hot)

Jeff Rowland Conductor Phono Preamplifier, Corus Preamplifier

Air Tight ATM-3211 Monoblock Power Amplifier

Air Tight ATE-X MM Phono Preamplifier (with adjustable EQ—so hot)

Aurender A30 Caching Music Server / Streamer / CD Ripper / HDD Storage / Full MQA Decoder DAC / Headphone Amplifier