Axpona 2019: Analog Analog Everywhere!

The simple act of removing a record from its sleeve, placing it on a turntable, queuing it up, and giving it quick brush off takes time. I like to call that time a ritual—a few moments of reflection and concentration before the event. A prequel. A prelude.

To my mind, this ritual makes the event special. The rooms at Axpona 2019 spinning records had a slow pace, an intimate feel. Records also lend themselves to focused listening, which is the kind of listening everyone at Axpona is ideally interested in.

Here’s an ode to some of the ‘tables of Axpona 2019.

Well Tempered Labs Amadaeus 254GT

The Funk Firm Vector V

Transrotor Rondino Nero FMD

Schiit Audio Sol

T+A G 2000 R

Kronos Pro

Gold Note Mediterraneo

Wave Kinetics NVS Reference turntable

Fern & Roby Tredegar

DeBaer Saphir Turntable

Brinkmann Audio Oasis

Bergmann Audio Galder

Grand Prix Audio Monaco 2.0

MoFi StudioDeck

Pear Audio Blue Kid Thomas

The Wand

VPI Prime Signature