Axpona 2019: Sweet Speakers

Speakers live with us in a more obvious manner than other hardware. Speakers, especially loud speakers, live in-room and stand out as objet d’art (ideally). Which is all to say with speakers, looks matter.

Kii Audio THREE BXT System

Joseph Audio Perspective2 Graphene

GamuT RS7i Loudspeakers

MBL Radialstrahler 101E Mk.2 loudspeakers

Stenheim Alumine Five

Stenheim Alumine Three

Acora Acoustics SRC-1 and SRB

DeVore Fidelity O/93

The Gryphon Trident II

Manger Audio P2

Wharfdale LINTON Heritage

Salk Sound Song3 BeATs

Buchardt Audio S400

Fern & Roby The Ravens

Gayle Sanders Eikon Audio Image1 (I’ve awarded myself the Worst Photo of The Show Award for this one)

Wilson Audio Sabrina

T+A CWT 1000-40 Anniversary Edition

T+A S 300

Magico maquette

Avantgarde Duo Mezzo XD

DeVore Fidelity O/96 (in Robin’s Egg blue according to my eyes)

YG Acoustics Vantage

Goldmund Prana Wireless Speaker

Vivid Audio Kaya

PS Audio AN3 (pricing was given as follows “Between 12 and 15 thousand.” I heard a number of people talking about the new AN3 speakers at Axpona 2019 and in every case the price was said to be either $12,000 or $15,000. Interesting, no? I’m going with $13,999)

GamuT RS3i

EgglestonWorks Kiva and Nico Evo

Voxativ Zeth and Hagen Systems

Raidho Acoustics TD1.2