TM Reviewer: Steve Plaskin

Editor: Please join me in welcoming Steve Plaskin (back) to our review team. As you may know, Steve and I worked together at AudioStream for 6 years, making this a welcome reunion.

Steven Plaskin is a retired podiatrist living in San Diego. He was a contributing reviewer for 6 years at AudioStream, and most recently, wrote equipment reviews for Darko.Audio. His passion for acoustic music and high end audio is as great today as it was when he began this journey at the age of 20.

Equipment List

Analog: Basis Debut Vacuum V turntable, Graham Phantom tonearm, Koetsu Jade Platinum cartridge, Cardas Golden Ref balanced output phono cable, and Ayre P-5xe phono preamp
Digital: Wavelength Audio Crimson Silver DAC, Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty Digital Hub DAC, and Playback Designs MPD-8 Dream DAC
Server: Roon Labs Nucleus+
Preamplifiers: Ayre Acoustics KX-R Twenty
Amplifiers: Ayre Acoustics MX-R Twenty monoblocks
Loudspeakers: Wilson Audio Alexia Series 2
Interconnects: Shunyata Research Sigma
Speaker cables: Shunyata Research Sigma
Digital cables: AudioQuest Diamond USB, Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB 2.0, and Intonus Reference USB cable
Streaming Mini-Network computers: Sonore Signature Rendu SE-updated to opticalRendu
Power Supplies: Sonore Signature Linear Power Supply, HDPlex 100w and 200w linear power supplies, UpTone Audio JS-2
Ethernet cable:  AudioQuest Diamond and Vodka, Wireworld Starlight CAT8, Blue Jeans Cable CAT 6a
Ethernet Equipment: DJM Electronics GigaFoilv4
Optical Equipment: Trendnet model # TFC-GSFP FMC, Fiber Optic Cable – OM1 – Multimode (62.5/125) – Duplex – LC to LC
Power conditioners: Shunyata Research Triton v3, Shunyata Research Typhon QR, and Shunyata Research DPC-6
Power cords: Shunyata Research Sigma NR, Alpha NR, Sigma and Alpha Digital and Analog AC cords.
Equipment rack and platforms: Mapleshade Samson, Synergistic Research Tranquility and Tranquility UEF bases powered by Synergistic Research Transporter, Symposium Ultra stands, Symposium Rollerblocks 2+ G3; Black Diamond Racing Source Shelves with BDR Cones.
Headphone Amp: Headamp Blue Hawaii SE
Headphones: Stax SR-009S, Stax SR-007, and AudioQuest NightHawk