Artists’ Books: Spew, Room-2

spewedition is a publishing collective comprised of Japanese photographers/artists Daisuke Yokota, Naohiro Utagawa, and Koji Kitagawa. They publish the kind of thing I most enjoy—multimedia extravaganzas to have and hold and hear.

Room-2 was published in 2017. It is a book, a music CD, and a Polaroid encased in a rubber sleeve. Rubber doing what it does best, Room-2 looks, smells, and feels wonderfully rubbery.

The photo book is filled with varying degrees of black and white photo abstractions of a woman in a stripped dress in a…Room.

The included MP3s, in this case I don’t mind 1 bit, are decidedly atmospheric and moody meant to be listened to while looking at the photobook.

We’re talking a multi-media, multi-sensual experience.

Some of Room-2 are unique to each copy including the Polaroid. Anyone who knows me, or the other me, knows I love Polaroids.

Spew’s Room-2 comes in a number of variations, the difference being the cover photo (images courtesy Akio Nagasawa Gallery):


I picked “E” because while sad, it wasn’t too sad. For me.

Spew’s Room-2 are available from Akio Nagasawa for $89.12/each (Room-2_A is sold out).