Axpona 2024 Favorite Rooms: Fidelity Imports | Diptyque Audio | Audia Flight

Vive la différence!

I’ve been under the spell of France’s Diptyque Audio and their panel speakers before I heard them. Yes, before I heard them and it only got more spellbinding once I had a listen.

Entrancing is the word that’s stuck in my mind after listening to this lovely and relatively simple system featuring the new Diptyque DP115 speakers that reach down to 40Hz according to the specs and are available in standard white and 160 other colors. Diptyque speakers, every pair I’ve heard, not only energize the room in a kind of beguiling nearly like holographic manner but they also offer the body, texture, and drive of a traditional box speaker (I’ve already spoken to the Barn about a possible double date).

Handling them with grip and grace was the Audia Flight FLS 10 Integrated Amplifier sporting the optional builtin DAC being served by an Innuos Statement Music Server & Streamer. Regular reader’s already know about my love for the integrated amplifiers from Italy’s Audia Flight from reading my reviews of the FLS 10 and the more budget-friendly, and genuine HiFi Bargain, FL Three S.

Here’s some of what I said about the FLS 10:

The Audia Flight FLS 10 is among the most engaging integrated amplifiers to have graced the Barn. It’s performance is in some ways remarkable while being wholly engaging in every way…If you’re looking for full figured excitement from an integrated amplifier that can bring out the bass from your speakers that may be laying in wait, the Audia Flight FLS 10 is a remarkably good choice.

This was one of 7 rooms hosted by Fidelity Imports who seem poised to take over an entire floor at Axpona 2025.

System Details:

Diptyque Audio DP115 Speaker: $12,000/pair
Audia Flight FLS 10 Integrated Amplifier: starts at $12,995 in Silver
Innuos Statement Music Server & Streamer: starts at $18,900