Axpona 2024 Favorite Rooms: VAC | Acora Acoustics

Think BIG.

Canada’s Acora Acoustics teamed up with Sarasota, FL based Valve Amplification Company (VAC) for Axpona 2024 in the larger-than-the-Barn Euphoria (ball) Room.

Those are a pair of the Acora VRC-1 Loudspeakers pushed to room-filling heights by a pair of VAC Master 300 iQ Musicbloc Amplifiers that offer 300+ Watts out power from 8 KT88s. Woof! That striking granite finish is called Sunset Fire, for good reason, and the VRC-1 are rated down to an Earth-shaking 18Hz and weigh in at 430lbs a piece and stand over 50″ tall. Woof2!

Front end duties were shared between a SAT XD1 Record Player System with a CFI-09Ti tonearm and Lyra Atlas Lamba cartridge while digits flowed through an Aurender N30SA digital transport feeding a LampizatOr Poseidon DAC controlled by a VAC Statement Phono and Line Stage. Cables were from Clear beyond.

This system offered a rock solid imaging (pun apology) coupled with a vast but perfectly proportioned sound image while all of the important bits of music reproduction including tone, texture, timing, and nuance were on full display. Nice.

While I did not hear these Acora GEM-SRB Loudspeakers (starts at $55k/pair), you can see why I couldn’t help capturing their internal Amethyst glow.

System Details:

Acora Acoustics VRX-1: starts at $218,000/pair
VAC Master 300 iQ Musicbloc Power Amplifiers: $42,000/ea.
VAC Statement Line Stage: $82,000
VAC Statement Phono Stage: $82,000
SAT XD1 Record Player System w/CF1-08Ti tonearm: $307,500
Lyra Atlas Lamda Phono Cartridge: $13,195
Aurender N300SA Reference Digital Output Network Transport: $25,000
LampizatOr Poseidon DAC: €23,000
Clear Beyond Interconnect: $5050/1.5M pair
Clear Speaker: $5275/2.5M pair
Clear Beyond Power: $2895/2M
Clear Digital Coax 75 ohm: $800/1.M
Cardas Nautilus Power Strip: $1200
Acora SRR-V4 shelf vertical Equipment Rack in 1.25 Nero Assoluto Granite: $8500
Acora SRR-H2 Shelf Double width vertical Equipment Rack in 1.25″ Nero Assoluto Granite: $8500