Axpona 2024 Favorite Rooms: Innuos | Rockport Technologies | Soulution

One of my favorite systems I had the pleasure of living with and reviewing, ever, was comprised of a pair of Rockport Atria II loudspeakers powered by a Soulution 330 integrated amplifier.

Here’s part of what I had to say:

From a pure performance perspective, the Rockport Atria II leave nothing to be desired and offer nothing but everything your music has to offer, seemingly re-made before your very ears. They dig as deeply, convincingly, and completely into the heart and soul of music as I’ve heard from a loudspeaker, delivering a level of quality that consistently transformed reproduction into completely captivating music-inspired experience that always lead to the desire for more—more music, more time, and more pure goodness.

For Axpona 2024, Innuos put together a similar and similarly stunning sounding system with their Pulsar Network Music Player, PhoenixNet Audiophile Network Switch, Lampizator Horizon DAC, Soulution 325 Preamplifier/511 Stereo Amplifier combo driving the Rockport Atria II.

Walking around a HiFi Show, especially a big HiFi Show, and encountering systems well north of a 1/2 million bucks with speakers costing $150K on up, the Rockport Atria II at $38k a pair offer as much bang for that buck as any other and in my admittedly limited experience they offer more performance per dollar than most. Nice.

System Details:

Innuos PULSAR Network Music Player: $7999
Innuos PHOENIXNET Audiophile Network Switch: $4349
Lampizator Horizon DAC: $49,000
Soulution 325 Preamplifier: $28,225
Soulution 511 Stereo Amplifier: $41,975
Rockport Technologies Atria II Loudspeakers: $38,000/pair
Stromtank SEQ-5 Power: $4875
TAOC CSR Series Rack: $1999/ea.
Cables by Transparent