High End Munich 2019, Here We Come!

My Axpona laundry is nearly done, most of the Schaumburg has worn off the souls of my shoes, and my bag is unpacked and ready to be re-packed for the big trip over an ocean and a sea.

When I say I look forward to and love the High End Munich show (and Munich proper), I mean it. It’s like attending the wedding of a great friend filled with great friends in a great place as opposed to being the best man in your Mother’s cousin’s 2nd wedding in a dimly lit hall even though you haven’t seen the guy in a decade or more and most everyone in attendance is either pissed and pissed. Don’t ask.

Before I get to Munich, I’ll be going here (it’s sort of a secret):

My show calendar is fully booked and my time, i.e. my waking hours, will soon be filled with people, talk, laughter, hifi, music, and Munich. Can you to tell I’m smiling as I type those words? It’s worth noting that my typical day consists of 8+ hours of alone-time in the Barn which is in the woods of NJ and I love, love, contrast. Smile.

The Show Facts:


MOC München
Lilienthalallee 40
80939 München, Germany


9th to 12th of May 2019

Opening hours:

Thursday: 9am to 7pm
Friday: 10am to 6pm
Saturday: 10am to 6pm
Sunday: 10am to 4pm

Here’s what I’ll be carrying around Munich—my Standard Show Coverage Kit Bag:

  1. Bleu de Chauffe Messenger Bag (waxed cotton to keep the rain away from the following contents)
  2. AudioQuest DragonFly Red / Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter for my iPhone (not pictured because I used it to take this picture)
  3. RHA S500 earphones
  4. Business cards. Hand stamped
  5. Polaroid SX-70 Instant Camera for Black & White portraits of people
  6. Panasonic Lumix GX85 camera with Lumix/Leica 15MM lens
  7. Notebook
  8. Zebra Sarasa Pens
  9. Chewing gum (highly recommended for anyone who plans to talk to anyone else up close)
  10. Stanley & Sons Apron Bag filled with secret, magical things
  11. Extra camera batteries
  12. Extra film (there are a lot of people at High End Munich)