In Brooklyn: totaldac d1-direct DAC

[Editor’s Note: “In Brooklyn” is just like “In Barn”, a post featuring gear that’s in for review with pricing, features, and specs, when available,  only the person doing the reviewing in Brooklyn is Alex Halberstadt] The totaldac d1-direct DAC (17,450euros excl VAT out of Europe).


Books and Company

The Isaac Mendoza Book Company, situated at 15 Ann Street in NY, NY, first opened its doors in 1894 making it the oldest bookstore in the city before it closed its doors for good on February 28, 1990.  I worked downtown from 1986 to 1994, […]


SiriusXM vs. Everyone

We know that technological progress can outpace the law. The music industry is one such poster child where existing copyright law is as old as the hills, with some legislation dating back to 1909. The last major re-visit occurred in 1998, which is still B.S. […]

Album of the Week

Album of the Week: Ipek Gorgun

Ecce homo, “behold the man”, are the words spoken by Pontius Pilate as he presented a bound and crowned Jesus Christ to the angry masses before the Crucifixion. It has been referenced throughout history by painters, writers, poets, and philosophers. I owned a copy of […]