Album of the Week: Melting Hand

“Dust” is the opening track on Melting Hand’s new album Faces Of Earth and it lead me to hit the pre-order button on Bandcamp faster than you can say Can. A seven minute plus psych drone funk feakout, “Dust” is the perfect way to start your day, get those juices flowing, while you slip on your boogie shoes.

I didn’t know Melting Hand prior to Faces Of Earth and while I also like their first release from 2016, Highcollider, this new record has been burning up the barn something fierce with its fat deep pockets filled by drum n bass and searing guitar. The original band members include Gordon Watson (Terminal Cheesecake/Luminous Bodies), Tom Fug (Gum Takes Tooth/Luminous Bodies), and Mike Vest (Bong/11 Paranoias/Blown Out) to which they’ve added Marion Andrau on guitar (The Wharves/Underground Railroad) and Wayne Adams (Big Lad/Pet Brick) on synth.

The band covers saxophonist Joe Henderson’s “Earth” from his Elements album where Lower Slaughter’s Sinead Young joins on vocals for a haunting trip into more elemental sounds. This record clocks in at just under an hour, and it’s a 57-minute journey worth taking more than once.

Fans of Can and Acid Mother’s Temple should and extra close listen: