AURALiC Goes Hybrid

In an effort to provide more efficient support for their network-based products, AURALiC has decided to move to a hybrid sales model, combining direct and dealer-based distribution.

Why? Here’s AURALiC’s Director of Marketing in North America, Alex Brinkman:

We want to continue fostering a close relationship with the high-end community, and while we value the efforts of retailers, many residential networks are complex enough that we need to be directly available to, and connected with, members of the community so they are able to use our products and enjoy music in a simple, hassle-free manner.”

I ran this statement through Google’s Politeness translator and it was no surprise to learn that most hifi dealers don’t know a heck of a lot about computers and networking. Up until a decade or so ago, why would they? It’s worth noting that every piece of hifi kit that has an Ethernet input is therefore reliant upon the quality of the attached network. It’s no surprise to learn that most people don’t know a lot about networking. Why would they?

You can read this decision as AURALiC taking this unruly bull, “why would they?”, by the horns. Having spent a couple decades in the IT service industry, let me just say, “Is your computer plugged in and connected to your network?”

If you’re not familiar with AURALiC, they burst onto the hifi scene in 2009 and their Vega DAC, which I owned and enjoyed for years, came to typify the company’s output in that it was a great-sounding product at a relatively reasonable price considering its performance. This tradition continues…

AURALiC products are now available on their US website: