In Brooklyn: totaldac d1-direct DAC

totaldac d1-direct

[Editor’s Note: “In Brooklyn” is just like “In Barn”, a post featuring gear that’s in for review with pricing, features, and specs, when available,  only the person doing the reviewing in Brooklyn is Alex Halberstadt]

The totaldac d1-direct DAC (17,450euros excl VAT out of Europe).

Alex’s system with the totaldac d1-direct in it


  • 192KHz asynchronous Xmos USB, optical, RCA and AES-EBU digital inputs, selected from a remote control
  • 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz and 192KHz, 16 to 24 bit formats supported
  • Optional DSD (DoP standard) supported on all inputs (320euros excl VAT out of Europe)
  • Embedded custom clock with anti-jitter FIFO memory
  • Unbalanced 1.6Vrms RCA, the same unbalanced signal is also available on XLR connectors
  • Volume control, adjusted by a remote control and an OLED display, works for all inputs, not only USB
  • Phase polarity selected by remote control
  • Nnon-oversampling DAC compensation filter activated or disactivated by remote control
  • Display switched off by remote control or automatic
  • R2R DAC technology using 288 pieces of 0.01% VAR Bulk Metal® Foil resistors Vishay Foil Resistors
  • No active output stage, direct output from R2R ladders thanks to new offset management and optimized filtering
  • External power supply to minimize the noiseA
  • Aluminium and PMMA enclosure with massive pure copper antivibration plate
  • Power consumption 14W (18W with the server option)
  • DAC dimensions: height 110mm, width 360mm, depth 290mm
  • Power supply dimensions: height 65mm, width 122mm, depth 180mm.
  • Weight: 7kg.
totaldac d1-direct