Twittering Machines Favorite Digital Gear (Retired)

The Retired list is for gear that I haven’t heard in years, has been discontinued or replaced with a newer version, or gear that’s been retired by something else around its price that I like better.

Note: Pricing info is from the time of the review.

Helm Audio Bolt DAC ($99.99) | Review

THX Onyx Portable DAC ($199.99) | Review

Chord Mojo ($499) | Review

Denafrips ARES II ($780) | Review

Mytek Liberty DAC II ($1495) | Review

Denafrips PONTUS II ($1700) | Review

Denafrips Terminator II DAC ($4427.00) | Review


Sonnet Digital Audio Pasithea DAC ($4995) | Review

HoloAudio KTE May DAC ($4999.99) | Review