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This is the first of a number of lists that I started to compose in my head when you were still at AudioStream, but never got round to sending.

Gabriel Rios, Ghostboy (Nettwerk Records, 2017)
A Puerto Rican expat who always listened to Dancehall and Dub at home, then moved to Belgium and got homesick, re-discovered his love for the Latin Stuff and fused them in an incredible way. Always listened to this when my wife and I met, when we were young and irresponsible.

Gabriel Rios – Ghostboy from Leitmotiv on Vimeo

Available from Qobuz.

El Gran Poder, Lagartijeando (Wonderwheel Recordings, 2017)
I found this in a local record shop here in Wellington, didn’t know anything about it but loved the cover. Dark, mysterious, music to make candomble (Brazilian Voodoo) too.

Xavier Rudd, Koonyum Sun (Anti – Epitaph, 2010)
Australian Multi instrumentalist, surfer and overall good guy making music with two incredibly gifted Saffa’s, the country with the most interesting and varied music culture 99% of which never make it out.

Available from Qobuz

Unkle and the Heritage Orchestra, Live at Union Chapel (Surrender All, 2014)
The darkest, most beautiful live gig I wish I had been too.

Available from Qobuz

Rickie Lee Jones, The Devil You Know (Concord Records, Inc. , 2012)
No one else can copy the early Rolling Stones and get away with it. I discovered my love for “play with me, and you play with fire” on a surfing boat trip through the Maldives.

Available from Qobuz

Kid Loco, The Graffiti Artist (Mettray Reformatory Pictures ‎, 2004)
Music to listen to in bed to. At least two people. Stay away from the film, though.

Ben Howard, Every Kingdom (Island Records, 2013)
Apparently he wrote this when he was in the same surf camp in Senegal that I went to with my wife and daughter two years later, heard it for the first time there but he was already big.

Available from Ben Harper

Andrew Kidman, Glass Love (Anthology Recordings, 2015)
Incredibly gifted and sad artist and surfer with the rare ability (at least rare in the northern hemisphere) of not taking himself too serious.

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan, Hawk (Vanguard Records, 2010)
Her earlier work was a bit too artsy and polished, look-at-me-how-clever-I-am, he needed someone to teach him some manners. The best Americana act this side of Lambchop on a good day.

Matisyahu, Youth (JDub/Epic, 2006 )
A Hasidic rapper from New York. I got introduced to him by a fellow surfer in the Phillipines, played it to my girl friend (now wife) and it turned out that she had had a spliff with him and his mates in his Hummer one Halloween.

Michael Franti, Stay Human (Boo Boo Wax / Six Degrees Records, 2001)
I’ve known this album since it came out sometime in the late nineties, and it is more current and important than ever.

Bio: German born and bred, trained as a (behavioural) Neurologist in Germany, South Africa and Switzerland, married to a beautiful Mauritian Australian fashion designer and trained violinist with two amazing mixed children and living in the wonderful quirky and cool little city of Wellington, New Zealand. Loving all kinds of sports, particularly martial arts, surfing and mountain biking, reading, architecture, photography, woodcarving and music. No musical talent whatsoever (cost my parents a fair bit in music lessons until they and I gave up), so got into Hifi in my early adult years.

My wife knows what music should sound like, but had no idea how to get there so was listening over her laptops speakers when we met. She thought I was mad when I said I wanted to buy a new CD player even though the old one wasn’t broken, but we never looked back from there and we even took the kids to little Audio Events like Klangschloss Greifensee when we lived in Switzerland. Scared the shit out of some of the exhibitors when our two year old daughter waddled towards their multi-K setups, but shared some wonderful times with others (Audio Passion, hello!). Very eclectic (or no?) taste in music.

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