Let’s Make Lovely Music Together

Back in my AudioStream days, I ran a feature most Mondays titled “Lovely Recordings“. The premise was simple—reader’s wrote about some albums they loved. While “Lovely Recordings” was limited to CD-quality or better downloads, Lovely Music is not. Downloads, CDs, LPs, cassettes, etc. Anything goes.

I loved “Lovely Recordings” and I look forward to getting Lovely Music going because sharing music makes life better.

Here are the steps to contribute:

  1. Pick some music you love and write about why it’s important to you. I very much prefer stories over reviews.
  2. Choose as many albums as you like.
  3. Please include a link to where people can buy each album.
  4. Please include an intro paragraph, a short bio, and a photo or you or something you love.
  5. Send the works to me in an email

That’s it. Send in yours today. Or tomorrow. Or whenever you have time.

Let’s make Lovely Music!