Letters to the Editor

It has been a while since I shared some letters to the Editor. Er, um, to me. I always enjoy hearing from you, otherwise its just music, wind, rain, crickets, and the occasional howl here in the Barn.


Just wanted to drop a few lines to say thank you. You run my favourite hifi site, great honest reviews and even your holiday gift guide has widened my horizons, those White’s boots are really good.

But most of all I came here to thank you for the music, your taste in music is stellar. I’ve discovered so many great artists from your mentions in reviews and from album of the week section.

Cheers from Sweden

White’s Boots 350 Cruiser

Good afternoon Michael.

I want to thank you for your presentation of Ryder’s work, with which I am not familiar. It makes me want to go to New Bedford, which is sadly impossible as I live in Switzerland. I appreciate your exposing us to this fantastic, in every sense of the word, master.

Egnach, Switzerland

Flying Dutchman, Albert Pinkham Ryder. 14 1⁄4 x 17 1⁄4 in. (completed by 1887) Smithsonian American Art Museum

Dear Michael,

Forgive my ignorance here but in your review of the Chord Mojo back in January of 2019 you wrote of how much you loved the Chord Mojo’s sound in various placements…….”sitting in your pocket, on the desktop, and as a part of your room-filling hifi.”

But in Mr. Darko Second Opinion: Cambridge DacMagic 200M you wrote,..”While it has been too many years since I’ve had a Chord Mojo in-Barn for me to recall specific sonic traits…….”  What gives?  I am guessing that the Denafrips ARIES II DAC is so special that it made you forget all about the Chord Mojo?  Let me know if this is the case since I will be buying one of these in the near future.

I include you in the “Big Three” of my go to reviewers for product reviews, along with Mr. Darko and the “Cat” from 6Moons.

Thank you

I find that over time, my memory of specific performance traits, especially subtleties, fades. While I still recall the bigger picture, how much I enjoyed something, I am not able to offer detailed comparisons of gear I haven’t heard for a few years with something I’m listening to in the present.

I hope that clears things up and I thank you for the kind words.

Re: How sexy is your hifi?

This was a good, one, Michael.  Thanks for your thoughts.  Yeah, I’m in the subjectivist camp, too:  If it sounds good to me, it’s good.

Nice working-in of the Wallace commencement speech.  Nice writing.


Greenville, SC

Re: Sony Earbuds

Michael, thanks for the tip. Like them more than the 1More BT buds I’ve had for awhile. Won’t pay over $100 (might lose, break or forget).  Now I got some listening to do.

Happy Anniversary!

Keep the good work!

image courtesy of an inventive reader