Monday, 22 Oct 2018

“I hope Jana is not lost to the audio world …”

Hi Michael – welcome back – normal (and extended) service is resumed! I would like to thank you for all your helpful advice down the years on network streaming etc. and look forward to both your audio gear and musical recommendations – the Bartok is already on my want list. I won’t (as a true Brit) be so impolite as

“So, yes, by all means, welcome back! But…”

So, yes, by all means, welcome back! But — egads, what a cluttered, scattershot, busy, messy interface! Poor signal to noise ratio. Still, I’ve registered & I’m gonna give you all a try. Thanks for taking feedback (which took some digging around to suss out) and please take these comments as meant to be constructive. I’m pullin’ for you! best,