“5 days ago, I acquired a Herman Miller Eames LCM chair…”


I was sorry to see your departure from AudioStream and it’s taken me quite a while to find you again. I’m also glad to see TM focussing on some other art/design areas as well as audio which is why I’m writing to you.

Before I retired years ago I worked in health and safety in a clerical environment so seating issues were part of my daily ongoing concerns at work. Dealing with work chairs is easy, dealing with chairs for listening to music at home is not. For years I used a copy of the Le Corbusier chaises which I loved but one of the signs of age was realising that I was starting to be less concerned with how comfortable a chair was while I was in it than with how easy it was to get out of it when I was finished listening. The chaise started fo fail that test so that started a period of experimentation through 3 different chairs, all of which had their good points and problems.

5 days ago, I acquired a Herman Miller Eames LCM chair, prompted in part by your 2017 Holiday Gift Guide article and comments about your LCW. I went for the metal legs because they appealed more to the minimalist sides of my tastes. I thought about going for a red version but wasn’t certain that the red would match the Imperial Red of my Focal Sopra 2s so I ended up with walnut because walnut was what was available in Australia right now but it still took 3 weeks from when I placed my order to when it landed under my bottom at home.

5 days is a bit too short a period to match your 30 years of experience with the chair but I have to say that so far you were absolutely correct in your comments and I’m also not having problems getting out of it, the one issue you didn’t discuss 🙂

Many thanks for your writing over the years at AudioStream and now here at TM, and many thanks for the pointer to the chair. Please keep covering the wider range of interests that have been present in your writing throughout my experience.