Letters to the Editor: Welcome Back…

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The word is getting out about Twittering Machines in part thanks to my friends John Darko, Darko.Audio, and Scot Hull, Part-Time Audiophile, who have generously mentioned / linked to TM on their sites. Thanks fellas. Another important piece of the word-spreading puzzle in hifi-land is to be listed on Mark Wieman’s Daily Audiophile and I cannot thank Mark enough for including TM in the mix. Cheers.

I am very happy to be back and to be found and I thank everyone for the kinds words. It makes the Barn that much cosier.

Recent Letters…

Hi Michael,

I just read about your new site on Darko and am very happy to hear that you are back online. I really missed your writing after the changes at Audiostream.

Really happy for you and best of luck with the new site. Looks great!


Hi Michael,

So glad to see you have returned back with Twittering Machines `website.

I have always enjoyed your journalism and reviews and would like to thank you for introducing me to the music of Aldous Harding. If it were not for your review of Party I would probably never have heard of her. She inhabits a very special world and is an amazing talent.

I look forward to reading your website and wish you all the best.

kind regards



I’ve missed your reporting on Hifi gear, so I am very happy that your back! It is a real treat to have you comments and insight available. Once again, I look forward, again to reading your site.

All the best


Hi Michael.

First, I’m really happy you are doing your own thing!!!



– David Sen

Hello Mr Lavorgna,

Great to hear from you again. Found you through parttime audiophile. Loved your work at audiostream. Good luck with everything you do and i will be putting twittering machines in my favourites from now on and look forward to more reviews.

Best regards
Geoff from Belgium


What a joyful morning to discover Twittering Machines! I was heart broken when you left Audiostream. I have so enjoyed reading you over the years, I’m elated that you have reemerged. Any chance you will start Lovely Recordings (or something similar) again? Anyway, just glad to be reading you once again.



Your reviews and test equipment really have a lot in common with Art Dudley’s over at Stereophile. Have enjoyed reading what you’ve published for years. Thanks for de-mystifying the digital setup.



glad to find (and enjoying) your work post Stphile. Best wishes. one more thing: fyi, found twitteringmachines.com at dailyaudiophile.com
I check that site every day, couple days.


Just wanted to say the new Low album is amazing and up your alley, Michael.

Cheers and good luck to the new site.