Vinnie Rossi Reveals The Brama Collection

In Italian, Brama means “craving”, an apt name for a line of audio components meant to inspire the desire to listen.

The Vinnie Rossi Brama Collection includes an Integrated Amplifier, Preamplifier, and Stereo Power Amplifier all with industrial design from the mind of Olivier Raymond (Porsche Design, Mercedes-Benz).

Brama Integrated Amplifier

The result of 2-years of R&D, the Integrated and Stereo Amplifiers employ a class AB lateral MOSFET output stage and boast massive custom-wound 1750VA, magnetically shielded transformer with a highly inductive, insulated core. On the input stage side, whether in the Integrated or Brama Preamplifier, Vinnie has included 300B directly-heated triodes that owners can dial in to taste or bypass completely using the included very intelligent remote.


Features (from the press release):

  • Independent, Class A, 300B directly-heated triode and solid-state linestage sections, with the ability to switch between them via a press of a button on the Brama Remote.
  • 350Wrms per channel into 4-ohm (Brama Integrated Amplifier). 500Wrms per channel into 4-ohm (Brama Stereo Power Amplifier).
  • 100-step precision resistor ladder volume control, fully balanced input/outputs, home-theater bypass, as well as memory inputs that save independent settings for each input, including: Gain, Triode %, Balance, Phase, and Stereo/Mono listening mode.
  • Brama Remote, which offers an intuitive menu structure, high resolution display with adjustable backlighting, Bluetooth communication, ambient light sensing, accelerometer, USB-C connectivity for battery charging and firmware updates, and a body machined from a solid block of aluminum.
  • Bespoke analog gauges with precision air core movements, machined aluminum hands, and adjustable backlighting. Sapphire glass and highly-polished stainless steel bezels seamlessly integrate the gauges to the front panel.
  • Swiss-made, precision-stepped rotary switches that give manual control an incredibly satisfying feel.
  • Custom designed 1750VA, shielded power supply transformer with dual secondary windings that feed independent, dual-mono linear power supply PCBs for both the preamplifier and power amplifier sections. Ultrafast soft recovery diodes, massive filter capacitors, and super-regulated outputs deliver vanishingly low noise and superb dynamics.
  • Protection against over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current on all outputs. Diagnostics are sent to the Brama Remote for easy viewing.
  • Chassis is machined from solid aluminum-6063R billet that is finely bead-blasted, anodized and laser engraved for a spectacular finish that feels as premium as it looks.
Brama Stereo Power Amplifier

I recommend heading to the website to learn more, and I sure would like to get my ears on that Integrated. The Brama components will be available for order November 2021, and will begin to ship to authorized Vinnie Rossi distributors and dealers late 2021 / early 2022.


Brama Integrated Amplifier – $38,995
Brama Preamplifier – $33,995
Brama Stereo Power Amplifier – $33,995

Company Website: Vinnie Rossi