In Barn for Review: totaldac d100 Speakers (Yes, totaldac Speakers)

I first covered a totaldac DAC, the D1-Dual, back in 2013. In the intervening years I’ve reviewed and owned a number of Vincent Brient’s D to A creations and am very happily living with his d1-tube DAC/Streamer today. But totaldac speakers? Yes, totaldac speakers.

If you’ve been following the goings on at France’s totaldac, the d100 floor standing speakers will not come as a huge surprise. The company released their d150-anniversary speaker in 2018 along with the d1-driver and Amp-1 so you could build a totaldac system, end to end. The d100 are, relative to the d150, a more modestly sized and priced offering.

the totaldac d150 Anniversary Speakers. photo credit: totaldac

The d100 are a 2.5-way design with a pair of 12″ drivers, both sharing bass duties but only the top 12″ extending into the midrange, and a horn-loaded 1″ compression driver covering frequencies above 3.5kHz. The cabinet is made from Baltic birch plywood, finished in a very dark grey or you can opt for the “massive” 100% Chestnut wood finish.

photo credit: totaldac

The company claims an easy 98dB (@ 1m @ 2.83V) 8 Ohm (average) load, with bass reach down to 25Hz (@6dB in room). Think full range.

Seeing as I have a fairly firm grip on the totaldac house sound when it comes to DACs, my curiosity is piqued near its peak! Stay tuned.

totaldac d100 Speakers
: $12,800/pair plus shipping in the US, $17,000/pair for Chestnut finish

Specifications / Features

  • 98dB @ 1m @ 2.83V even in bass thanks to two 12inch drivers
  • 2.5way: both 12inch drivers are producing bass but only the top driver is producing midrange as well
  • bass cutoff: 25Hz at 6dB in room
  • 8ohm average impedance with smooth variations
  • easy matching with any amplifier, including low power triodes
  • constant directivity horn used only above 3.5KHz
  • equally resolving from top to bottom
  • most of the sound is coming from the top of the speaker, giving it a bookshelf speaker coherency
  • drivers and crossover components from Western Europe manufacturers
  • Neodymium bass driver with very high force
  • custom made ultra fast bass/mid driver
  • very extended treble 1 inch compression driver with organic dome
  • crossover made of air coils and selected film capacitors only
  • point to point wiring crossover, no PCB trace is used, only the component legs are used
  • inductor for the bass made of 5mm2 copper wire
  • crossover isolated in its own wooden enclosure
  • Mundorf binding posts for any kind of banana and spade cables
  • cabinet made of Baltic Birch Plywood (grey other color on request), or 100% massive wood (chestnut) option
  • made in France
  • Dimensions ( W x D x H): 320mm x 470mm x 1180mm
  • Weight: 42kg

Company Website: totaldac