Schiit Takes Cue From Baskin Robbins: Yggdrasil DAC Now Comes In Flavors!

Schiit makes me smile.

Here’s the news bit from Schiit:

Now Available in Three Flavors
Yes. Now, Yggdrasil is available in three different “flavors,” including two that (gasp) cost less than the original, and provide higher performance! Yes, we know. We’re super weird.

Yggdrasil Less is More. Even better performance for lower cost. The most affordable Yggdrasil uses four TI DAC8812 16-bit D/A converters. Many think this is the best sounding flavor, hence less bits, more better…less is more.
Yggdrasil More is Less. The best-measuring integrated multibit DAC, ever. This Yggy uses four TI DAC11001 20-bit D/A converters. If you’re one who thinks multibit DACs can’t measure well, this one’s for you—approaching -120dB THD+N.
Yggdrasil OG. The Yggdrasil you’ve loved for years, same as it ever was. The original Yggdrasil with four AD5791 20-bit D/A converters remains in the line, because it provides an exceptionally engaging performance.

The part that makes me smile most is Schiit flies in the face of the the self-proclaimed “Objective” approach to judging hifi that says the best measuring DAC is the best DAC. Phooey! By offering a few flavors, including one that measures really well, Schiit helps dispel, i.e. blow up, the silly notion that measurements tell you everything you need to know about hifi. That’s like using a yard stick to find your favorite flavor ice cream.

Yggdrasil Less Is More ($2,199)
Yggdrasil More is Less ($2,349)
Yggdrasil OG ($2,599)

Company Website: Schiit Audio