CAF 2018: BorderPatrol and Volti (and the end of controversy)

You have to ask yourself— how can a DAC be controversial? You have to ask because a DAC can’t be controversial any more than a spoon can be controversial—people make things controversial when they try to impose their opinion so forcefully in order to make it, their opinion, more important than the thing. That, my friends, is just plain silly. As Michael/DeNiro said, “Stanley, see this? This is this. This ain’t something else. This is this.”

Border Patrol P20EXD power amplifier (starts at $17,760)

The BorderPatrol / Volti Audio room featured the above amp driving a pair of Volti Rivals (starts at $8,900/pair), the BorderPatrol Control Unit, and the BorderPatrol DAC SE with Coax and USB inputs ($1,850.00).

There was nothing controversial about the sound of music in the BorderPatrol / Volti Audio room which was sweet, immediate, and punchy as all get out. Don’t tell anyone, but I have that DAC in-Barn for review right now!

see? No controversy