CAF 2018: Channel D

Rob Robinson of Channel D is a man on a mission(s)—one of said missions is to help you rip your vinyl, metadata and all. His Pure Vinyl software has the ability to automagically add your LP’s metadata using an internet db lookup “using only the catalog number from the LP jacket” including track information. That last bit is one of the cool time-saving bits.

The system in play included the newt Lino C current-input-mode MC phono stage ($2,499). Quickie specs: Balanced inputs / balanced and unbalanced outputs, low noise AGM rechargeable battery power supply, precision (+/- 0.1 dB) RIAA EQ. Brushed aluminum or optional powder coated gloss black chassis.

The Vandersteen Model 5A Carbon had no problem filling this extra large room with sweet, sweet music driven by a Hegel H21 amp.