CAF 2018: IMC Audio (and a story)

When I stopped in in the IMC Audio room, the music selections were being selected and explained to two little girls. One was sitting next to me and her friend was standing alongside her friend.  The girls were told, “There’s a nine-year-old girl singing on this next song!”, which may have been their age or older. In any event, this fact captured their otherwise fidgety attention.

Sure enough, a short way into the piece I neglected to note (d’oh) the voice of a young girl came singing out from the IMC Forty-10 speakers (projected $21,000/pair) and the girls reacted by looking at each other with a ‘wow’ kinda look as if to say—there’s something here for us!

“Anyone like pickles?” Came from a voice behind us.

“I do!” responded the standing little girl.

“We also have Fig Newtons.”

“Fig Newtons and pickles! It’s a party!” That was me.

As the standing little girl ate her pickle with relish, I asked, “How’s that pickle?”

“That, is a quality pickle.” was her answer.

The IMC Audio speakers are designed by ex-Linaeum designer Paul W. Paddock and as you can see they take a novel approach to music-making with an array of bending-wave drivers, bent both horizontally and vertically, sitting on top of an open baffle woofer. I have to say I was so taken with the entire vibe of this room, there was also a woman sitting behind me knitting, I loved everything about my time in it, including the sounds coming from the hifi.