CAF 2018: Fern & Roby

During the “Virtues of Vintage” seminar, Blackie Pagano suggested that the hifi industry has forgotten how to market. I tend to agree although there are a few outliers like Richmond, VA-based Fern  & Roby. Just take one look at their room and the products in that room and you can plainly see an aesthetic that moves beyond the soundstage. If there’s a happy place in hifi, it’s beyond the soundstage.

The Fern & Roby Montrose Heirloom Turntable with their Uni-Pivot Tonearm ($9,500) and a Hana EL cartridge ($475)

This aesthetic informs the choice of materials, which sing to me, as well we the company’s overall approach (think analog).

The floor standing speakers are the new Raven Loudspeakers ($7,500/pair) which employ a single SEAS driver in a lovely walnut cabinet which can be ported or sealed by inserting the included (beautiful) port plug. Off in the distance are the Raven Bookshelf Speakers ($4,500). The Raven’s were driven by the Linear Tube Audio Z10 Integrated Amplifier with Fern & Roby’s Maverick Phono Preamp ($4,950).

I spent years listening to all manner of single driver speakers many moons ago and there’s still a part of me that appreciates the approach and the result. Unlike some designs, think Lowther-based, the Fern & Roby Raven’s don’t shout, rather they offered up an inviting and natural ease which served the music well.