Album of the Week: Mabe Fratti | Sentir que no sabes

“I also think about that moment when you feel you don’t know anything and you are soft like jello and any fork can go through you. And ideas change and grow on that soft spot where there’s a question mark.”

That’s Mabe Fratti on her new album Sentir que no sabes (Feel like you don’t know), released on Tin Angel Records today.

She continues:

Feeling like you don’t know makes you soft
Feeling like you don’t know makes you confused
Maybe feeling like you don’t know will transform you into a better person? Or not?

At the moment I’m pro-confusion. Or maybe not.

If you ask me, there’s way too much certainty these days, another cancerous outgrowth of these interwebs. Or maybe not.

This is Guatemalan cellist and vocalist Mabbi Fratti’s 4th album to hit my Album of the Week pick and the list is comprised of 2023’s Vidrio where she was part of the newly formed Titanic with partner Hector Tosta, 2022’s Se Ve Desde Aquí, and 2021’s Estática released with Mexico City-based sound artist Concepción Huerta. In addition to being pro-confusion (or not), Fratti is also pro-busy.

Sentir que no sabes is more song oriented, with Fratti out front on vocals over badass beat, catchy hooks, cello, piano, synths, trumpe, bass, and drums built around her usual lovely and quirky wireframe blending classical and jazz structures.

Sentir que no sabes is also stunningly lovely.