A List of Audiophile Network Switches

Does anyone need an audiophile network switch?

This question came to mind with the recent announcement of the totaldac d1-switch, a 3-port Ethernet Switch (4490euros incl VAT in Europe, 4200euros excl VAT out of Europe). This brought to mind a number of other recent announcements of new Ethernet Switches from hifi companies so I thought I’d put together a list. I was curious to see how many Audiophile Switches are out there in the wilds, which is about where my curiosity ends (I don’t currently use a network switch). [footnote 1]

Here’s a list of Audiophile Network Switches ranging in price from $299 to $3950:

AQVOX Switch V1 Audiophile High-End Network Switch LAN Isolator (398 EUR)
DELA S100 – Audiophile Network Hubs (starts at $1677)

English Electric (a Chord Company brand) 8Switch Ethernet Switch ($595)
Fidelizer EtherStream Network Switch ($395)

Innuos Phoenix NET Audiophile-Grade Network Switch ($3499)
JCAT M12 Switch Gold (starts at 3500 EURO)
JCAT M12 Switch Magic (starts at 2550 EURO)

Melco S100 Audiofile Dataswitch ($2199)
NuPrime Omnia SW-8 Ethernet Network Switch ($579)
PPA Audio Grade Switch ($299)

Silent Angel N8 Ethernet Switch ($400)
Silent Angel N16 Ethernet Switch ($1699)
SOtM sNH-10G Ethernet Switch (start at $800)

Synergistic Ethernet Switch UEF ($2295)
UpTone Audio EtherREGEN ($640)

Wavera Systems WSmartHub3.0 ($2567)

1. Fidelizer offer this video as an explanation as to why people need an Audiophile Network Switch: