Darko.Audio Podcast #31: DACs! DACs! DACs!

By my count, this the ninth Podcast I’ve done with Darko.Audio wherein we talk about DACs (DACs! DACs!)!

John (Darko) and I talk about some of our favorite DACs at a number of price points, and Darko makes a big reveal about his ongoing DAC coverage. We also talk about some recent new product releases on the heels of CES [footnote 1] and we each share an album recommendation. It’s always nice to end with music.


Darko’s post about this Podcast contains further discussion about the reasoning behind his big reveal so I recommend giving that a read as well.

1. CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, is held each January in Las Vegas. It used to include exhibitors exhibiting hifi, the kind of hifi we talk about, but that ended years ago. Some companies are still on the CES cycle in terms of new product releases, a kind of throwback, which I imagine is shifting to the Munich cycle.