Vinnie Rossi Reveals the 2nd Generation Brama Collection

Vinnie Rossi’s Brama Collection is some fine looking kit. Fine.

The Brama Collection is comprised of the Brama Integrated Amplifier (pictured up top), Brama Preamplifier, and Brama Monoblock Power Amplifiers.

Brama Preamplifier

The entire line has been upgraded inside and out to Gen 2 status which includes a new chassis machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade 6063 aluminum, a new and improved power supply, higher output from the Class AB Mosfet output stage of the Integrated and Monoblocks, an updated Class A Western Electric 300B-based line stage for the Preamlifier and Integrated, and more…

Brama Monoblock Power Amplifier

You can see and hear the new Brama Preamplifier and Monoblocks paired with the YG Hailey 3 Loudspeakers at Axpona 2024 in Room 1427.

Here’s the complete press release from Vinnie Rossi:

Vinnie Rossi Unveils 2nd Generation Brama Collection

Worcester, MA – April 3, 2024 – Vinnie Rossi, a trailblazer in high-end audio, proudly presents the highly anticipated 2nd generation of its Brama Collection. With a legacy of innovation and craftsmanship spanning two decades, Vinnie Rossi continues to set new benchmarks in audio excellence, offering discerning audiophiles an unparalleled listening experience.

The 2nd generation Brama Collection comprises three meticulously handcrafted components:

Brama Integrated Amplifier (INT)
Preamplifier (PRE)
Monoblock Power Amplifier (MPA)

Each component features several updates and refinements over the previous generation, including:

  • A chassis machined from a solid block of aircraft-grade 6063 aluminum for low resonance, maximum heat dissipation, enhanced shielding from EMI, and a seamless aesthetic appeal.
  • New power supply designs for lower noise, improved transient response, higher output power (INT and MPA models), significant EMI filtering, and active power factor correction.
  • Updated Class A, 300B line stage that includes a matched pair of Western Electric WE300B triodes (PRE and INT models).
  • Increased power for its Class AB MOSFET output stages while minimizing the number of output devices (INT and MPA models).
  • Optimized signal and power paths throughout.

Additional updates are listed on our website.

The Brama PRE and INT models also include a world-class remote (RMT) with LCD display, Bluetooth connectivity and an updated user interface, offering intuitive control and seamless integration into any audio system.

“The 2nd generation Brama Collection sets the highest standards for audio excellence, elevating the listening experience to new heights,” said Vinnie Rossi. “We are thrilled to offer this caliber of uncompromising sonic performance and build quality that readily competes with the finest designs on the market.”

The timeless industrial design of the 2nd generation Brama Collection is characterized by clean lines and understated elegance, ensuring that they complement any interior décor. Each component is backed by an industry-leading 10-year warranty.

The new Brama Collection will be unveiled at AXPONA, the largest high-end audio show in North America, from April 12-14, 2024. Vinnie Rossi is proud to team up with YG Acoustics in Room 1427 to demonstrate the remarkable sound quality and design of the new Brama Preamplifier and Monoblocks with the YG Hailey 3 Loudspeakers from their Reference Line.

Availability: May 2024 via Vinnie Rossi’s dealer network.


Brama Integrated Amplifier: $47,995
Brama Preamplifier: $38,995
Brama Monoblock Power Amplifier: $59,995 / pair.

About Vinnie Rossi: Vinnie Rossi is a leading manufacturer of high-end audio components, renowned for its commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and sonic excellence. With a passion for pushing the boundaries of audio technology, Vinnie Rossi continues to deliver exceptional audio products that delight audiophiles around the world.