Credo Audio Switzerland to Debut New Premium Finishes at Axpona 2024

Finishes? If you care about how the things you put into your home look, I do, then you can appreciate a nice finish.

I reviewed Credo’s EV 1202 Ref. Loudspeakers back in 2022 as well as a complete Credo/EMM Labs system that featured the $200k Credo Cinema LTM Speakers and was impressed by ’em all. Very impressed, especially with the room filling capabilities of the slim and attractive EV 1202s.

the EV 900 Reference in Swiss Pear. photo credit: Credo

The news from Credo for Axpona 2024 is their “Swiss Pear” and “Oak rough-cut” finishes are available for their EV Series speakers at a new, friendlier price:

“A new finish, seriously? What’s the big deal here?” questions speaker-designer Michael Kraske. “It is the price tag..”

the EV 1202 Reference in Rough Cut. photo credit: Credo

The price tag for the “Swiss Pear” and “Oak rough-cut” premium finishes adds approximately $900/pair to Credo’s standard Piano finish.

Here’s the complete press release from Credo:

Credo Audio Switzerland Unveils Two Striking New Finishes

Basel, Switzerland – April 2nd, 2024 – Credo Audio Switzerland, recognized for its dedication to exceptional sound quality and outstanding craftsmanship, is thrilled to announce the launch of two captivating new finishes. The debut will occur at AXPONA in Chicago, on April 12th, in Room Nirvana B.

The introduction of “Swiss Pear” and “Oak rough-cut” marks a milestone in Credo Audio Switzerland’s pursuit of offering premium options to its clientele. While the company has long been associated with bespoke high-quality finishes through its “custom-shop” offerings, accompanied by a hefty price tag, these new finishes are priced remarkably competitively. With only a modest upcharge of approximately $900 from the standard “Piano” finish. Swiss-Pear high-gloss and Oak natural rough-cut are available for these models as standard finishes:

EV 350 Reference
EV 900 Reference
EV 1202 Reference

“A new finish, seriously? What’s the big deal here?”
questions speaker-designer Michael Kraske. “It is the price tag..! I could delve into all the challenges of creating a gorgeous speaker finish that meets our standards of consistent quality and production in small quantities. But let’s be real, we all just want speakers that fit beautifully in our homes. And let’s face it, beauty is subjective”

At Credo Audio Switzerland, compromising on quality or authenticity is out of the question. “We’ve all seen speakers with lackluster wood veneers and dubious stains labeled as ‘rosewood.’ Implementing cost-effective measures like adding wood side panels that disrupt the harmony of surfaces and materials is something we vehemently oppose. “While some may find it visually appealing, I find it unacceptable.”

Crafted from the finest real wood veneers, our new finishes ensure that each speaker is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. Every detail is meticulously curated to showcase the natural beauty of the wood, with flawless book- and pair-matching. The result is a speaker that not only delivers exceptional sound but also elevates the aesthetic of any living space, becoming a timeless statement piece.

Meet us at AXPONA ’24

“We’re thrilled to offer these new finishes to our customers at a modest upcharge. Who share our passion for authenticity and design,” adds Michael Kraske. “We believe these finishes will resonate with audiophiles and design enthusiasts alike, and we can’t wait to showcase them at AXPONA.”

Visitors to AXPONA will have the exclusive opportunity to experience these stunning finishes firsthand, alongside Credo Audio Switzerland’s flagship “LTM” speaker, Emm Labs’ new MTRS stereo amplifier, and Van den Hul’s new “Grail SX” flagship phono preamp.

Additionally, these speakers are available for immediate order and are currently in stock in Switzerland.

About us: Based near Basel, Switzerland, Credo Audio Switzerland is a boutique supplier for music enthusiasts and manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers, renowned for its uncompromising commitment to craftsmanship, design, and sound quality.

Company Website: Credo Audio