The Audiophile Tree Of Life Print (for sale)

The Audiophile Tree of Life Print returns!

The Audiophile Tree of Life is based on an ancient alchemical text updated for our hifi hobby illustrating the dichotomy between the Music Lover and Gear Lover using the classic 10 emanations in Kabbalah. Celebrate our Sisyphean struggle!

Originally offered back in 2011 as a very limited signed and numbered edition printed on decades-old paper which has long since sold out, this new edition of The Audiophile Tree of Life is a high quality digital print taken from the original limited edition and printed on heavy weight archival paper [footnote 1] using archival ink so its built to become a cherished antique (its meant to look like one from day 1).


Show your Audiophile pride through art! You want this on your wall, you need this on your wall.


The Audiophile Tree of Life Print
Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Printed using archival inks on archival photo rage paper
Price: $35 + $10 shipping for US Customers, $35 + $20 shipping for the rest of the world

looks ever better dressed up

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temporarily unavailable

  1. the paper is Hahnemühle Matte Photo Rag, 100 % Rag, 19 mil., 308 g/mA