Primare Readies A New Prisma NP5 MK2 Network Player

The AKM factory fire that occurred on October 20, 2020 at the company’s semiconductor plant in Nobeoka, Miyazaki, Japan, has sent many an audio manufacturer back to the drawing board.

Primare has just announced a re-design of their popular, and currently sold out, NP5 Prisma Network Player (see review) due to the unavailability of the AKM re-clocking chip used in the original model. The new NP5 Prisma MK2, coming in August 2021, has replaced this chip with an unnamed model, which brings additional functionality including support for MQA.

The Prisma NP5 MK2 also supports AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Chromecast built-in, and is Roon Ready, with Spotify Connect and Tidal Connect coming this summer. The diminutive NP5, 143 x 36 mm x 125 (WHD), sports both USB and Ethernet inputs, and 24/192kHz and DSD128 capable Coax and Toslink outputs.

The retail price for NP5 Prisma MK2 will be €600/$750.

The company is also offering a discounted rate as part of an update program for owners of older Primare streaming models:

Update Program

Users of our original streaming models – PRE60, NP30, I32 MM30, and PRE32 MM30 – still wishing to take advantage of the NP5 Prisma Update Program can do so until 31July 2021.


Until 31 July 2021, any NP5 Prisma MK2 ordered will be available at 50% of the retail price of €600/$750 or €300/$375.
Offer valid with the presentation of the serial number for the user’s I32 MM30, PRE32 MM30, NP30, or PRE60 to any authorised Primare dealer.
After 31 July 2021, the Update Program will be discontinued.

Company Website: Primare