Aldous Harding Returns With “Old Peel”

It feels like an eternity has passed between Aldous Harding’s last full length, Designer, from 2019. In some ways, an eternity has passed if we consider confinement a form of it.

I snapped this Polaroid of Aldous Harding after the show

It just so happened that on the last day of Axpona 2019, Harding was performing in Chicago proper and I had advance notice because I checked the Chicago-area concert schedule before I left home. So I went.

Harding put on a great show, a wonderfully weird and twitchy show, and her onstage persona is both captivating and off putting, in the most appealing sense. If you don’t know Harding and Designer, I recommend a listen.

Today’s news sees Harding’s return with the 7″ single “Old Peel”, released on 4AD, and an accompanying video. The video is wonderfully weird and twitchy, in the best sense, and while Harding barely appears here, replaced by a male doppelganger (who only resembles Harding in passing), her physical presence hovers like a mischievous poltergeist.

The B-side contains an acoustic version of the same song. Yum.