Marten and IsoAcoustics Put Their Best Foot(ers) Forward

Swedish high-end loudspeaker company Marten has teamed up with IsoAcoustics to develop the new Marten Isolators, upgraded footers that now come standard on Marten’s Coltrane series, Mingus Orchestra, and Parker series.

From the press release:

By managing the boundary condition between the speaker and the supporting surface, Marten Isolators reduce the transfer of energy to the floor and prevent reflections from being conducted back into the enclosure, leading to improved definition. Marten Isolators are designed to provide a stable foundation for Marten speakers, allowing the speakers to deliver remarkable three-dimensional stereo imaging and clarity regardless of the floor construction.

Marten Isolators on Marten Coltrane Tenor 2

We often don’t look down and notice things like feet and footers, but a solid foundation is a necessary requirement for optimum speaker performance. I’ve been living with and using the IsoAcoustics Iso-Stands under my ADAM A3X and the sonic improvements provided are not subtle.

I’ve always admired the clean lines of Marten speakers (Coltrane Tenor 2 pictured)

The Marten Isolators are also available as upgrades across the Marten range, with the exception of stand mount Duke 2.

Company Website: Marten | IsoAcoutics