A Smokin’ $350 Home HiFi System

How much do you have to spend to get a good sounding hifi? $500? 1,000? 5,000? $50,000?

Phooey! Here’s a nice little system that you can use at home with your computer and on the go with your smartphone that’ll run you a svelte $350 and you can buy the entire thing from Amazon. For Prime Members, that means shipping is free and you should be rockin’ within days of purchase.

The Main Ingredients

Tannoy Reveal 402 Powered Speakers ($109.00/ea.)

You really can’t beat the Tannoy Reveal 402 for price and performance. Featuring a 4″ mid/woofer driver and a ¾” soft dome tweeter driven by a total of 50 watts of internal power, just add DAC. If you buy from the link below, make sure you buy 2!

HELM Audio Bolt DAC/AMP ($109.00)

The HELM Bolt DAC connects to your phone or computer with its USB-C connector on one end, and either straight out to headphones or, with the help of a 3.5mm Male to 2 Dual XLR cable, to your computer. Just add music.

The Shopping list: