Interstitial Delights: Thoughts for the New Year

What better way to spend the time between December 25th and January 1st than listening to one’s own hifi?

My hifi (details) is very nearly complete. A phono stage and cartridge(s) being the last pieces of the puzzle to yet fall into place. In the mean time, I have loads of phono stages and a few lovely cartridges in for review to keep me warm over the holidays. And thanks to Qobuz, Tidal, my NAS full of music, and Roon, an endless library of music is but a tap away.

It really doesn’t get any better.

I’m not big on new year resolutions—to my mind, there’s no reason to put off living up to our own expectations ’till the year’s end/beginning. Doing so seems like nothing more than an excuse to allow ourselves more time with our shortcomings. “I know I should eat/drink/procrastinate/argue/vegetate less, so come January 1st…” Horse pucky!

All that being said, if I had a magic wand that I could wave over our entire hifi hobby, my one wish would be for an end to all of the complaining. The incessant whining, the gnashing of teeth, the self appointed judges rendering guilty verdicts from on high, the know-it-all’s criticizing choice, the penny pinchers bemoaning a bigger spend than their wallets allow, and the downright nasty. One wave come 12:01 AM January 1 and Poof!

We’re talking about listening to music, for goodness’ sake, so why not be pleasant. Or conversely, why be a dick? I think this a great question for anyone posting a comment about hifi to ask before hitting Submit—Why be a dick? Poof!

Here’s wishing you & yours a Happy & Healthy & Joyous New Year filled with endless music-inspired delight.