In Barn for Review: Fern & Roby Amp No. 2

Fern & Roby ‘s Amp No. 2 looks the part.

That’s a solid 3/4″ slab of walnut adorning the Amp No. 2’s face with a brass volume control and 6 brass control buttons peaking through. The Fern & Roby logo and model name are etched into the walnut. Nice.

Wood is good.

The business end of the Amp No. 2 tells it’s own story with a set of speaker binding posts, 3 line level inputs (2x RCA, 1x XLR), a phono input (MM or MC based on internal jumper settings) with ground lug, Sub Out, IEC receptacle, and power switch. The review unit shipped with the optional Fern & Roby Isolation Feet (+$325) and as you see, the Amp No. 2, along with all of Fern & Roby’s gear, is made in Richmond, Virginia at the Fern & Roby factory.

Also include is a lovely matching brass remote cast in-house.

Fern & Roby ‘s Amp No. 2 puts out 25 Watts of High Current solid state Class A/B power.

I know some people say they don’t care what their hifi looks like, what it’s made from, or how it feels to touch and use and I know this because these same people take time out of their lives to share these lack of feelings online, an activity that seems about as fulfilling as shouting into a ditch.

I very much look forward to getting my hands, eyes, and ears on the Amp No. 2. Stay tuned.

Fern & Roby Amp No. 2
Price: $8500, +$325 for the optional Isolation Feet
Company Website: Fern & Roby

Specs & Features

  • High Current Class A/B design
  • 25 watts per channel
  • On-Board Phono Pre (MM/MC)
  • Balanced XLR Input
  • Two additional Line Inputs (RCA)
  • Sub Woofer Out (RCA)
  • High quality RCA connectors and binding posts with copper base metal for the best conductivity.