In Barn for Review: Aurorasound EQ-100 Variable Equalization Monaural Phono Amplifier

My oh my. Monaural all the way, baby.

From Aurorasound:

EQ-100, an Adaptive Multi-curve Phono Equalizer Amplifier, is compatible with any analog records capable of accommodating any record-cutting characteristics from SP (78rpm) to monaural LP (33 1/3rpm). The equalization value of Turnover in the low frequency range and Roll-off in the high frequency range are shown on the front panel, each having 10 selection. Accordingly, a total of 100 combinations are feasible independently without any mutual interferences. An easier setting is provided for a typical cutting characteristic such as 78rpm SP in US, in Europe 4 kinds (EU78 ~945, AM78 ~1945, EU78 1945~, AM78 1945~ ), for LP, RIAA , AES, DECCA, Columbia, NAB. Especially for DECCA, Columbia, and RIAA, a specifically designed Bass Limiter is provided for each record label to attenuate low frequencies for accurate playback.

The EQ-100 accommodates MM and MC mono or stereo cartridges (see specs below) but all inputs and outputs are monaural (baby).

image credit: Aurorasound

There’s a lot to talk about when talking about the Aurorasound EQ-100 but I’m going to save that for the review proper.

I’m a fan of retro looks, especially when we’re talking about retro components.

Each unit ships with this lovely booklet that tells the Story of Analog Records. Unfortunately, it’s only in Japanese but the pictures are lovely.

In related news, the 78s keep on coming with another order on the way to the Barn. I don’t know about you but I’m having fun already.

Aurorasound EQ-100 Variable Equalization Monaural Phono Amplifier
Price: $3190
Company Website: Aurorasound
US Distributor Websitehighend-electronics


Input MC , gain 63dB, Cartridge internal DC resistance 5Ω ~200Ω
MM, VR-1, VR-2, gain40dB, Maximum output level 100mV
MM load impedance 47kΩ
VR-1:Variable Reluctance type, Load impedance 15kΩ
VR-2:Variable Reluctance, Studio version, Bachman type, Load impedance 10kΩ
Output RCA, 2Vrms, Max 10Vrms, Output impedance 47Ω
All Input and Output terminals have L/R two, those two are connected to monaural signal.
Turn Over 10 position, independently adjustable
Flat, 200Hz, 250Hz, 300Hz, 350Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz/12dB, 500Hz/16dB, 500Hz/20dB, 800Hz
Roll Off 10 position, independently adjustable
Flat, -2dB, -4dB, -6dB, -8dB, -10.5dB, -12dB, -13.7dB, -16dB, -18dB at 10kHz
Filter deviation +/-0.5dB
Frequency range 10Hz ~ 30kHz  -3dB , Flat position
THD+N MM 0.01% @1kHz A-weighted, MC 0.026% @1kHz A-weighted
Input equivalent noise -138dBV, MC input short to ground
Functions MUTE switch,  Variable/RIAA select SW, Tilt Stand
AC voltage USA version 100V-120V 50/60Hz, Europe/Asia version 220V -2450V, 20W
Size, Weight W260mm x D250mm x H100mm 2.7kg,