Album of the Week: Tara Clerkin Trio | On The Turning Ground

Each record from Bristol, UK-based Tara Clerkin Trio is a polished gem.

From their self titled debut in 2020 to 2021’s Retro Cranial Kit and that same year’s lovely blossom of a record In Spring, the Tara Clerkin Trio offer subtle surprises mixed among genre-bending twists and turns from folk, to jazz, to classical, to pop. On The Turning Ground pop’s the most with two of the middle three tracks features vocals in song form, feeling like a warm human embrace amid slow lovely welcoming off-kilter sonic landscapes.

From the liner notes:

This is what Tara Clerkin Trio do, gently pulling the ground from under your feet, turning you to face something you’d not quite seen before. To view the world as they do: sideways, sometimes, all of the time.