Album of the Week: Tara Clerkin Trio

“A record existing disconnected from the daily getyadowns, a holiday from life, optimism as resistance against mundanity, something extraordinary amongst the ordinary, positively grey.”

Released in January of 2020 on In Sheep’s Clothing, the Tara Clerkin Trio’s self-titled debut is a lovely, disjointed mix — trip-hop, disjointed jazz and dubby, euphoric chamber pop according to the label. However you hear it, this record has been tickling my ears and twisting my expectations for some time so I thought I’d share.

Tara Clerkin, Sunny-Joe Paradisos, and Patrick Benjamin are responsible for the tripped out sounds of the Bristol-based Trio. From Loud and Quiet:

“It was completely accidental,” Paradiso tells me when I ask where the idea came from. “While we were demoing the song, we’d left the window open without realising that there were scaffolders working outside. When we went to loop the clarinet, we realised we had their clangs on the track, so the idea grew from there.”

“I should add that it’s not the actual recording that you can hear on the record,” says Clerkin, jumping in to clarify. “Unfortunately, that sounded absolutely shit, but I did manage to find a library track of scaffolders working, which is the one we used on the song.”