Meet the New Schiitt Yggdrasil More is Better (MIB) DAC

From Schiit: “the new Yggdrasil More is Better (MIB) is the highest-performing, best-measuring multibit DAC in history.”

How’d they do it? Why, engineering of course. The new Schiitt Yggdrasil MIB DAC, which joins the Yggy+ LIM (Less is More) and Yggy+ OG, houses four ultra-precision TI DAC11001B 20-bit D/A converters that help add up to better measured performance. The fun part about the MIB, as far as I’m concerned, is Schiit also loves the way it sounds. This combo meal, great measured performance + great sound, is not a given no matter what you read in the funny papers. Just look at some Schiit history, like the older Yggdrasil ‘Less Is More’ (LIM) and the Yggdrasil ‘More Is Less’ (MIL) DACs where the MIL measured better but sounded worse according to the company (more is less, get it?).

The tale of the backside reads without any big surprises with two pair of RCA outputs, 1x balanced out, and five digital inputs including Schiit’s Unison USB™ interface with complete electromagnetic and electrostatic isolation. The Yggdrasil is a fully modular design, both hardware and firmware, offering future-proof upgrade-ability.

remote control is included

The Schiitt Yggdrasil More is Better (MIB) DAC is available now and comes in at $2599 in black and $2699 in silver. Upgrade boards for all current Yggdrasils are expected to be available in 4-5 weeks at $800.

Company Website: Schiit Audio


All Yggdrasil+

Input Capability: up to 24/192 for all inputs
Input Receiver, SPDIF: AKM AK4113
Input Receiver, USB: Unison USB™, based on Microchip PIC32 microprocessor
Clock Management: Bitperfect clock management at all native sample rates via Adapticlock analysis and VCXO/VCO regeneration
Digital Filter: proprietary Schiit time- and frequency-domain optimized digital filter implemented on Analog Devices SHARC DSP processor
Output: One pair XLR balanced and two pairs RCA single-ended
Output Impedance: 75 ohms
Power Supply: two transformers (one for digital supplies, one for analog supplies) plus one input choke for discrete, dual mono, shunt-regulated analog +/-24V supply, plus 12 or more separate local regulated supplies for DACs and digital sections, including high-precision, low-noise LM723 regulation in critical areas.
Upgradability: Fully modular architecture. Separate digital input board, USB input board, DSP engine board, and DAC/analog output boards.
Power Consumption: 45W
Size: 16″ x 13″ x 2.875″
Weight: 25 lbs

Yggy+ MIB (More is Better)

Frequency Response, Analog Stage: 20Hz-20Khz, +/-0.1dB, 0.5Hz-100KHz, -1dB
Maximum Output: 4.0V RMS (balanced), 2.0V RMS (single-ended)
THD+N: -118dB referenced to full output (0.0001%), -96dB at 20kHz, 90kHz bandwidth
IMD: <0.0002%, CCIF, at full output SNR: > 128dB, referenced to 4V RMS
D/A Conversion IC: Texas Instruments DAC11001B x 4 (2 per channel, dual hardware balanced configuration)
Analog Stage: Integrated, using LME49724 differential stage