High End Munich 2019: A Tradition In Listening with MBL

The MBL room at Axpona 2019 ranked among my favorites—”All enveloping, all consuming, nearly overwhelming, this MBL system grabbed every bit of me and didn’t let go.” I repeat these words because they easily apply to Munich, which is one reason I always spend some MBL listening time at shows.

“There is nothing that sounds like an MBL system other than an MBL system.” Something I also said from Axpona but we all knew all of this already, right?

the MBL Reference Line

Well, here’s curve ball for ‘ya—If you first sit in the typical ‘sweet spot’ centered between the speakers, then move to this position, i.e. stage left, an MBL system sounds like you’re still getting all of the music. It’s just that you’re’ getting it from this position. In other words, while the stereo image remains in tact, it sounds like you are sitting well to the side, stage left. Just like in real life (don’t try this at home).

Pictured up top is MBL’s Jürgen Reis, the guy behind all of their designs, giving a presentation on the Radialstrahler mbl 101 X-treme Speakers. I’ve seen this and similar presentations before but I always attend Jürgen’s presentations because I always learn something new each time. There’s also an ease and inviting manner to his presentations which I attribute, in part, to the fact that Jürgen knows what he’s talking about and we are being treated to the tippy top of a very deep iceberg. Another piece of this inviting presentation puzzle is I believe Jürgen loves what he does and he enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience.