High End Munich 2019: A Tradition In Listening with DeVore Fidelity

I have owned, used, lived with, and loved speakers from DeVore Fidelity for decades. These days, my gibbon X fill the Barn with sweet, sweet music damn-near every day and listening to them now, after being away for what feels like a while, is like hearing the voice of an old, dear friend.

High End Munich saw the introduction of the latest iteration of John DeVore’s statement Orangutan Reference Speaker System (projected $85,000) a 4-piece system which includes a pair of 700W self-powered subwoofers (system frequency response 16Hz to 45kHz).

detail of the machined texture of the glue area

I have had the pleasure of seeing some of the O/Ref insides which are fabricated by Tektonics Design Group and all’s I can is it’s a shame they’re inside because they are things of well-crafted industrial beauty. I am also fortunate to be one of the stops on John’s tuning tour, where he brings prototype speakers around to different places/rooms as part of his voicing process. While my gibbon X fill the barn, the prototype O/Ref system transformed the Barn into a big badass music-time machine.

The O/Ref system also filled the listening ‘pod’—a pop-up style room in the MOC which offers, perhaps surprisingly, an opportunity to actually listen—with sweet, sweet music. The level of refinement and power embodied in the O/Ref System is a thing to behold. The AudioMat Solfege Reference amplifier (€7990) handled power while their Maestro Reference DAC (€11,000) delivered the digits, all wrapped up with Tellurium Q cables (which I own and use).

Another not-for-sale turntable (dammit) from Frank Schröder was all over Billie Eilish’s When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, one example of the real music played in the DeVore room. Truth be told, while also being one of two Beginning and End of Show stops, I also popped in throughout the Show for a refresh as my time in the DeVore room acted as hifi reference and music sorbet.